Do you spend your free time fixing your car and making it look good so that other people will notice?  Are you up to date on all of the current automotive trends?  What does your car say about you?

Carolina 3D is on the cutting edge of automotive trends, and we deliver them to you fast.  Surely you have noticed those spectacular little LED Front License Plates on all the hot cars…  That is a Carolina 3D specialty.  Any color.  Virtually any shape.  Any statement that you want to make with your car, Carolina 3D can do it.

Be original while riding this trend with a personalized LED Front License Plate Display!

We make Edge lit Signs with optically optimized acrylic - providing a glow that shines brighter and distributes light much more evenly than traditional acrylic. Moreover we use top quality LEDs that have an extended lifespan and emit much brighter more vibrant colors extending the the life of your car's battery and saving you money on replacement lights.


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